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An Excellent Use of Duct Tape

Adam Bouska silences Paris Hilton (finally) for his NOH8 Campaign.

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PHOTOS: Hilarious, Disgusting Parody of NOH8 Campaign: DEFEC8

Regardless of how you feel about the NOH8 campaign, you can’t deny that Adam Bouska’s photo campaign for marriage equality has given us some pretty memorable images of all these angelic faces with NOH8 temporary […]

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FOF #1082 – Inside the NO H8 Campaign

Fashion photographer Adam Bouska and his partner, Jeff Parshley, founded the “NO H8 Campaign” to promote the overturn of Proposition 8. The campaign shows photos of people dressed in white shirt against a white background with their mouths covered in duct tape in silent protest and the words NO H8 emblazoned across their cheek.

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