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FOF #1176 – Comic Book Confidential

Among all the hunky guys in superhero costumes at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo was writer and cartoonist Dan Parent, who for over two decades has worked for Archie Comics helping to bring to life the classic teen comic about Archie Andrews and his friends from the fictional town of Riverdale.

Veronica Comics will soon debut a new character Kevin, who will be the first openly gay teen in the town of Riverdale! You heard it here first folks.

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A Teenagers Coming Out Story – Chris Rushton

This is my coming out story – more videos at

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FOF #1106 – The Best Holidays Ever

Due to the economy, many are staying home this holiday season with their friends instead of traveling to see their extended families. A lot may find themselves attending celebrations outside of their own experience, trying something new.

America’s lesbian sweetheart Cameron Esposito joins us to chat about her forthcoming comedy album and all the hot news: Adma Lambert on the View, John Mayer bombs, Nonja the orangutan’s photo blog on Facebook and an axe murdering lesbian.

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FOF #1100 – It’s Turkey Lurkey Time

Gobble Gobble! Thanksgiving is just a day away and we’re looking back at some of the worst Thanksgivings ever- meal disasters, turkeys used as weapons and snack foods served as the main course. We’re also sharing ideas on how to make your holidays easy, breezy and stress free. Plus, Adam Lambert’s Showgirls Moment, our appearances on the radio, Levi Johnston’s naked pics, and Oprah cancels Christmas.

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Is Adam Lambert Hurting Gay Marriage?

I just can’t get over how faulty and flawed this op-ed piece is. I like what Curtis has to say about it “Why should our behavior have to pass muster with assholes?”

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Behind the Scenes of Out 100’s Photo shoot with Adam Lambert

Out just posted some video clips showing a behind the scenes look of their 2009 Out 100 cover shoot. They all seem to be having a good time, not worrying about making Adam Lambert look […]

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Who Inspires You? Our Response to Out Magazine’s 100 List, 2009

Every year during the slow news season known as the Holidays, media companies put out their lists of the top 100 so and so in order to bring together a bunch of noteworthy famous individuals […]

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