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FOF #1190 – She’s the One

People are outraged over the Illinois Department of Public Health’s bizarre ad campaign targeting gay men called “He’s the One.” And no, it’s not “He’s the one,” as in “Ooh la la, he’s Prince Charming” it’s “He’s the one, that will infect you.”

What was the ad campaign supposed to accomplish, and why did it even run in the first place, in a gay newspaper of all places?

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VIDEO: Elizabeth Pisani’s TED Talk on Looking at HIV/AIDS from a Whore’s Point of View

Our guest Elizabeth Pisani dazzled audiences in her leather go-go boots at the TED “Ideas Worth Spreading” conference in February this year, where fabulous folks gather to share bold ideas on Technology, Entertainment, Design (get […]

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Elton John’s Letter to Ryan White, 20 Years After His Death From AIDS

I still remember hearing about this kid and the battles he faced at such a young age.

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Howard Brown CEO Resigns and CFO Is on Leave

The CEO and CFO of Howard Brown Heath Center, one of the nation’s largest LGBT healthcare organizations, were both put on leave from their jobs and the CEO Cook later resigned. The haven’t really said […]

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FOFA #983 – Jack of All Trades

Interview with Project Runway designer Jack Mackenroth.

Behind the Scenes on the New Dining Out for Life Campaign

Sexy and for a good cause, Marc Felion went behind the scenes on the photo shoot for the new Dining Out for Life campaign, featuring lots of hot models in all sorts of poses. Why? Because Chicago’s known as the city of big shoulders, so why not use some guys with big shoulders?

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(NWS)-Broadway Bares to Fight AIDS [VIDEO]

The theme was “Click it!”.  All performances use the computer as a basis of their theme. This performance is called “The World Wide Web.” HOT!

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Koalas Have AIDS

With urbanization, dogs and cars all cutting down Australia’s koala numbers in half over the past six years, now they have to deal with chlamydia and Koala AIDS, or KIDS. No joke. Now koalas have […]

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Social Network for the Dead

Most people belong to social networks of some sorts but how about one for the the people that are already dead? I always try to imagine what we all are missing because of the deaths […]

FOF #1101 – An Intimate Look at Michael Kearns

On World Aids Day we talk with groundbreaking actor and activist Michael Kearns.

Before coming out of the closet was seen as a career move in the entertainment industry, Michael Kearns was the first Hollywood actor on record to come out as a gay man in the mid-seventies. Today Michael is re-staging his one man show “Intimacies” featuring six characters on the AIDS crisis of the early 80s.