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FOF #2504 – Tracy Tyler Shines On

One of our favorite people we’ve ever met doing this podcast is trans musician Tracy Tyler, whose fun loving personality and big voice has entertained us for years.

Listen as we chat with Tracy about how her music has evolved over the years, why she’s so inspired by Air Supply and what are her thoughts about the new trans celebrities in entertainment.

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FOF #1320 – Making Love out of Nothing at All

Our gal pal Tracy Tyler has 80s pop music flowing through her veins, and she can easily imitate the song stylings of Styx, Culture Club and her favorite Air Supply.

Join us today as we take a look at Lady Gaga’s new song lyrics for “I Was Born This Way”- so far, nobody knows what the melody is like, so why not marry it with Air Supply?

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga – Born This Way + Air Supply

We asked our gal pal Tracy Tyler to combine the song lyrics for Lady Gaga’s new song “Born This Way” with Air Supply’s melody “All Out of Love.” The results are pretty awesome.

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