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Matt Brown Tackles the Montgomery, Alabama Riverfront Brawl

Comedian Matt Brown, joins us to take a look at the memes inspired by the Montgomery, Alabama Riverfront Brawl including a mural of Harriet Tubman offering you not just her hand to freedom but a folding chair to defend your way.

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FOF #2561 – Disasterina, the Creature from the Drag Lagoon

One of the most talked about drag queens from Season 2 of Dragula is Disasterina, the rock & roll queen from a magical dimension.

Today, Disaterina joins us to talk about her group marriage with multimedia artist Treiops Treyfid and Ave Rose from the reality TV show Steampunk’d, how cosplay inspires drag and how much glübeschlobber is too much glübeschlobber.

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FOF #2559 – A Cee-Cee LaRouge Christmas

Nobody celebrates Christmas quite like Puerto Ricans, so we invited our boriqua gal pal Cee-Cee LaRouge to come over to sip on coquito and take a look at some outrageous holiday moments and the gifts we loved getting as kids.

Listen as Cee-Cee joins us to chat about what everybody wants for Christmas-Peace on Earth and a five pound pound box of money!

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VIDEO: Vote for Boozer

Does this guy ever get drunk? I doubt Young Boozer sees the irony in his name. He’s a young boozer just like the President George W. Bush! He’ll probably win just because most people like […]

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