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FOF #1942 – The Worst Talk Show Hosts of All Time

Talk show hosts are dropping like flies! From Katie Couric to Piers Morgan, Alec Baldwin and Bethenny Frankel, it seems like all talk show hosts are losing their jobs.

Today comedian Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the worst talk show hosts ever who despite their fame, wealth and access to stellar guests couldn’t manage to create a show anyone wanted to watch.

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FOF #1833 – Mistakes People Make When They Become Celebrities

When success happens for performers, many people are left in shock, not knowing what to do or why they wanted to be entertainers in the first place.

Today we’re joined by rising stars Meredith Kachel and Brian Sweeney to take a look at some common mistakes people make when they become celebrities.

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FOF #1498 – The Glorious Klingon War on Christmas

Set your phasers on fun! We had a glorious time as guest stars in the Klingon Christmas Carol. Find out about our backstage shenanigans with the Klingons and Showgirls in Klingon.

Plus Rick Perry is the most hated man on YouTube and the Mayor of San Juan’s strange Christmas card explained.

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