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FOF #2804 – My Simple Christmas Wish

As kids we asked for all kinds of wacky holiday presents but one 10 year old girl’s Christmas wish list is going viral for its particularly ambitious requests which include a new phone, designer purses and shoes, pink duct tape and $4,000 in cold hard cash.

Today comedian Shannon Noll joins us to look at outrageous Christmas presents we wanted as kids and how much you’d need to spend if your kid asked you for all the things on this notorious list.

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FOF #1722 – Roommates from Hell

It’s not easy living with other people. Everyone has nasty shit they let loose when they come home.

Today the fabulous Meredith Kachel joins us to talk about roommates from hell, how to get along after you discover your roommate is monster, and how to make the world a better place by being the change you want to see in others.

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Behold the Beautiful, Spooky Albino Zebra

It’s like this zebra faded in the sun. Almost as spooky as an albino alligator. — Source

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