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FOF #786 – Down a Pint

My gal pal Amanda looks a little pale today. She’s down a pint, and we’re not talking about drinking beer. We’re still trying to figure out why Amanda Steinstein loves to donate blood so gosh […]

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Mistress Amanda

Inspired by the recent leather convention in Chicago, Amanda Steinstein tries in vain to dominate Marc Felion with “fragile” stickers. Directed and edited by Fausto Fernós. Subscribe to the videos with: RSS | iTunes | […]

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FOF #768 – Far Out Fashion

We have a passion for fashion, especially when it gets a little weird. We found lots of hot fashion for you to enjoy. Say hello to Hello Kitty, the fashion icon created by Sanrio,has been […]

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FOF #767 – Viral Animals

Everybody loves animals. Even if you don’t have a pet, you can’t help but ooh and aw over a dancing squirrel, a skateboarding dog or a cute cat. Is our collective fascination over animals a […]

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FOF #763 – After School Special

Ever wonder what Amanda Steinstein was like in high school? Pretty much the way she was today. Surprise surprise! Join us for a very special Feast of Fools as Amanda is reunited twenty years later […]

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FOF #733 – The Truth in the Lies

Today we reveal all the answers to the Feast of Fools Quiz! Congratulations to Cliff Dix and Sebastian Keenan who tied for first place. They got the most answers right, even though they both got […]

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FOF #732 – She Had it Coming

We are such babies. We’re only ten year’s old! Can you believe it? The Feast of Fools is starting its second decade in show business. We seen a lot of transformation through the years and […]

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FOF #729 – The Golden Standard

Ever notice how crazy people LOVE to talk about gold? Specifically the gold standard. If you’re ever at a party and someone starts ranting about how our economy is built on a house of cards […]

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FOFA #556 – Russian Robocops

Did you hear the one about the egg-shaped Russian robocop? As far as we know, this is a true story. A Russian six-foot tall egg-shaped robot, hailed by the Russian police force as a bold […]

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FOF #711 – Oscarcast 2008

I have Oscar Fever! Literally, because I drank too much cheap champagne last night. Owww. Despite torrential downpours, the writers strike and the threat of the Westboro Baptist Church picketing, the “Superbowl for Gays,” the […]

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