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FOF #2229 – Thick and Juicy, Loosey Goosey

Gays know that the bears have it going on between the sheets but now it looks like science is catching on.

Today we’re tackling a new study that shows a relationship between how tall or thick and juicy you are with how much of a people person you are.

Joining us is the fiercest of drag queens, The Vixen, who can’t stop hard slamming her pussy on the stage.

FOF #2057 – Outrageous Music Videos from the 80s

In the 80s, music videos rulel, like totally. Record labels discovered that a great music video could turn an unknown artist into a superstar overnight.

Today we’re taking a look at very gay, very outrageous, truly truly outrageous music videos from the 80s.

Joining us is writer Robyn Pennachia who blogs about culture and politics for

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FOF #1468 – Nancy Upton’s Adventures in Wonderland

Last month we chatted with Nancy Upton about her over the top entry into American Apparel’s plus size model search.

Since then, Nancy has visited the clothing company and met up with the creative directors and management who were threatened by her sassy criticism of their misguided approach.

FOF #1441 – Nancy Upton is the Next Big Thing

Recently, American Apparel promoted the launch of their plus sized clothing line by holding a modeling contest. Dallas based actress Nancy Upton submitted some hilarious photos of herself in various states of undress, eating obscene amounts of food and sploshing in a bathtub full of ranch dressing.

The photos went viral & everyone declared her the winner, everyone except American Apparel.

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