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VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Takes on Michele Bachmann’s Evasiveness Over Gay Issues

Why is Michele Bachmann being so evasive these days about LGBT issues when she clearly can rant on about them to her religious friends?

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FOF #1394 – Weiner Roast

While you were worrying about Weiner’s wang, a whole lot of stuff went down that the nation has mostly ignored. Judge Clarence Thomas accepts a 100k bribe, Net Neutrality is up for grabs and war marches on in the middle east with the number of deaths till piling up.

Can our democracy handle its insatiable hunger for sex scandals?

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FOF #1380 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

CNN anchor-stud Anderson Cooper is rumored to officially and finally come out of the closet as a gay man, as soon as next week just in time for Pride — with a series of interviews with over a dozen major celebrities doing the same thing.

Don’t hold your breath, but it could be a very hot week on CNN. What will the mass exodus of celebrities coming out mean for you and me?

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FOF #1365 – Auditioning for Greatness

Our gal pal comedian Cameron Espositio has been clawing her way up the entertainment ladder to become America’s next top lesbian comedian and she recently had the prestigious opportunity to audition for one of the greats of late night television.

What’s it like to audition for a gig that could launch your career into the big time, and does it involve ice cubes and pique turns?

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Anderson Cooper Backpedals on Snooki Attack

Anderson Cooper can battle hurricanes and mobs of angry Egyptians but when he takes on reality tv star Snooki, he totally backs down.

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VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Tears Snooki Apart

Anderson Cooper thinks he’s Michael from DListed.

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes

We’ve seen glimpses of this interview but here’s the whole enchilada. Watch as Anderson Cooper gets to the heart of the real Lady Gaga on 60 Minutes.

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VIDEO: Craigery Morgan Does Drag

Craigery may do a fine Anderson Cooper but his drag look is broke. Girl, shave please!

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VIDEO: Jon Stewart on Egyptian Attack of Anderson Cooper

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c The Daily Show on Facebook Always good for a laugh, Jon Stewart talks about the the situation in Egypt and the recent attack […]

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VIDEO: Egyptians Attack Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper recently said viewers like to see him attacked by the forces of nature, but in this very shaky video, Anderon is attacked by a mob a men in Egypt. You can hear him […]

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