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VIDEO: Domo Arigato Mr. Douchebag

Anderson Cooper and George Takei take on homophobe Clint McCance to the tune of “Mr. Roboto” by Styx.

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VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Accepts Clint McCance’s Resignation

Anderson Cooper accepts homophobe Clint McCane’s resignation after he posted anti-gay vitriol on Facebook.

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VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Discusses Homophobe Clint McCance

Anderson Cooper reports on the hateful comments by School Board Official Clint McCance.

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VIDEO: Eminem and Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes

Anderson Cooper talks to Eminem on rhyming, homophobia and being an outsider

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FOF #1262 – Whiskey, Steaks and Women

On today’s show we’re joined once again by Erica Bethe Levin, creator and editor of Cheeky Chicago, an online magazine for women.

Listen as we also talk about Rahm Emanuel’s return to Chicago and his run for mayor, Erica’s new radio show that’s in the works and why the number 22 bus in Chicago is the best singles bar in town.

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Single White Whatever – Chely Wright to Possibly Come Out on Cinco de Mayo

Remember the “big” news about a mysterious celebrity that was scheduled to come out of the closet on May 5? Well the news has been leaked by gossip blog TMZ and it’s Country pop star […]

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King or Queen?

The Huff Post asks who will be the next King or Queen or talk show hosts now that Oprah is leaving? So, which category does Anderson Cooper fall in?

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