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FOF #1845 – I Dare You to Throw Me in Jail

Celebrities are joining international efforts to get the Russian government to repeal its anti-gay laws before the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Lady Gaga, Johnny Weir and Andy Cohen are among many who are speaking out against the intolerance.

Joining us today is Brian Sweeney to look at celebrities who are willing to be thrown in a Russian gulag, why Bravo’s Andy won’t set foot in the country and ultimately what Russia has to gain by having such hateful laws.

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VIDEO: Anderson and Andy Chomp Down on a Giant Gummy Snake

It’s nice to see the hoity toity Anderson Cooper cut loose and chomp down on a giant gummy snake. I agree with Anderson Cooper, this could be the making of a porn video.

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FOF #1638 – Gay Icon

For years we’ve crowned fabulous dames like Judy, Barbara, and Oprah, but times are changing and gay men are now embracing other dudes like Ben Cohen Christiano Ronaldo and Bruce Vilanch.

Gay icons now can be bros who embrace ther ‘mos, like our friend, comedian Brian Sweeney.

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VIDEO: Andy Cohen Talks About Being Bullied by a Beauty Pageant Contestant

Bravo’s Andy Cohen was on Kelly and Regis and he talks about how he was bullied by Miss Montenegro during a beauty pageant.

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I Blame Andy Cohen for This

Simon van Kempen, Real Housewives of NYC, is the latest cast member to break out his rhyming dictionary and vomit out a single called “I Am Real.” Red leather pants? Check! Autotune? Check! Popular overused […]

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Yenta Ambition World Tour

Lady Gaga and Madonna hash it out on “Watch What Happens Live” last night. Best way to break up a fight, “Have some Pinot Grigio.” Here’s what: Thank you Andy Cohen for bringing me so […]

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FOF #1347 – Million Dollar Coming Out Story

Today is a big day for L.A. realtor Josh Flagg, co-star of the reality TV show “Million Dollar Listing” he’s coming out with a BIG secret, can you guess what it is?

Join us as we chat with Josh about his new book, the art of selling, how not to come across as despreate and the one thing you can do to help sell your property.

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