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Selected Video Clips from the “Day of Decision” Protest in Chicago

Jason Smith captured some video clips from the Chicago protest the decision of the California Supreme Court to uphold Proposition 8, a referendum to take away the right of same-sex couples to marry in the […]

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FOF #906 – Doma-Bama

Bad cops, no donuts! That’s one of Andy Thayer’s favorite chants. Andy is a hard working longtime activist fighting for gay and lesbian rights with the Gay Liberation Network. Andy is leading this weekend’s demonstration […]

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FOF #849 – Marching for Matthew Shepard

It’s been 10 years since college student Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered in the town of Laramie, Wyoming. How far have we come in creating laws to protect queer folks from violent crimes? On today’s […]

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FOF #401 – The Face of Gay Activism

This Saturday, hundreds of people in Chicago will gather to march around the straight areas of town in order to remember the young gay college student Matthew Shepard, and the public’s outrage at his brutal […]

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