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FOF #2566 – In Meeting with Karen from Finance

The power of drag is that it can take what most see as a liability and turn it into an asset. We don’t normally think of the corporate world as she-larious, but that’s exactly what one drag queen from Australia did with one shrewd business move.

Today Karen From Finance, joins us at the water cooler to talk about her amazing career as everyone’s favorite gal from the corporate world.

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FOF #1878 – Teri Yaki’s Halloween Tricks & Treats

It’s Halloween time! One of the most dragalicious costume ideas this year are the foam wigs created by Chris March, which for under 20 bucks, gets you skyscraper high hair. Although they may already be overexposed from all the Drag Race girls on Instagram, we still think they’ll be a hit at any Halloween party.

Joining us today is Teri Yaki, one of Chicago’s funniest drag queens, to take a look at what costume ideas are going to be hot this year and talk about whatever happened to her arch nemesis Lady Vera Parker.

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VIDEO: Giraffe Wackin’ Fun

Ever wondered if giraffes fight, and how they do it? Here’s your answer. Thanks Daniel Tosh!

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VIDEO: What the Heck is a Marmot?

To answer your question, the Huffington Post has brought this video to your attention. Also, he’s fat and enjoys biscuits.

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Weird Easter: A Photo Blog

Easter cards can be so very weird with their strange blends of springtime imagery that include animals, eggs, children and woman. To see more, visit ChicagoNow.

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Techno Chicken

Suddenly I’m craving Ecstasy and KFC. (click Techno Chicken link above)

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Choir Boys Perform “Le duo des chats” – The Duet of the Cats

Who says choir boys can’t be silly?  These two choir boys perform “Le Duo Des Chats” perfectly, and without breaking their serious character — almost.

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FOF #955 – Put On Your Easter Bonnet- 03.23.09

Put your Easter bonnets folks- it’s official! Spring is here. Marc just made some spring colored Aretha Style cardboard hats that were a hit a our friend’s party this weekend. Everyone’s wearing Aretha hats, even […]

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FOF #947 – The Most Dangerous Game

Pull out your sombreros everybody, on today’s show it’s a Mexican Fiesta with the fabulously funny Bill Cruz. Bill recently performed with us at Steamworks, the gay men’s bathhouse in Chicago. He was all wrapped […]

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