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FOF #1138 – A Pack of Hungry Chihuahuas

A pack of 22 starving Chihuahuas made a meal of their master after he passed away and left them alone. Join us today as we talk about the hot news that matter to you: crooked cocks, crooked cops, woman go free who glued their ex-lover’s penis to his leg, reasons why you might want to quit drinking coffee, Christian rainbow colored pancakes, breakfast with the Family and Golden Girl news.

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FOF #1121 – Bad Cop, No Donut

2009 was a tough year. Major setbacks in marriage equality, corrupt banks, derailed health care reform make us ask “where’s the hope?” Chicago gay rights activist Andy Thayer of Gay Liberation Network joins us with some bold solutions to our biggest problems. Plus, he’s got breaking news on Boystown’s most corrupt cop, Officer Fiorito.

In the news: Sarah Palin gets a job as a commentator on Fox, a real-life Mrs. Robinson, tranny neanderthals and Mr. Gay China.