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FOF #2415 – The Worst Dating Advice Ever

The Internet is a minefield when it comes to advice on dating. With so many bizarre articles created by content farms on tight deadlines, a lot of it sounds like advice someone wrote hastily on a bathroom wall.

Today, relationship advice columnist Anna Pulley joins us to tackle all the insane advice on dating on sites like Wiki How who are just looking to get link bait traffic. Anna also has a new book out- The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!).

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FOF #1061 – The Secret Life of a Sex Columnist

Sex advice columnist Anna Pulley takes a look back at her careerr so far as a sex writer. Two MIT students develop a math forumula that predicts if a man is gay on Facebook. Activist Lawrence Perea announces Chicago’s Day of Change rally to support the National Equality March in D.C.

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