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Firestorm Brewing Over Christian App for “Homosexual Strugglers”

An app from a Christian Ministry is “designed to be a useful resource for men, women, parents, students, and ministry leaders” over what it calls “homosexual strugglers.” The free app comes from Exodus International, a […]

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Apple Releases “Ping”, A New Social Networking Feature For iTunes

Just the other day, whilst I was listening to my new favorite song “I Like That” by the Static Revengers on my iPhone, it occurred to me that Apple has dabbled in most forms of […]

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Fabulous or Fabu-less? Fabulis’ New iPhone App

Websites are quickly looking to the smartphone market as a way to enhance and add to the overall user experience with their content. While some websites are able to find that perfect, easy to use […]

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Apple’s iPhone Gets Strong Competition From Motorola’s Droid X

Apple’s iPhone has changed everything, twice. It also has existing AT&T related reception problems, non-AT&T related reception problems, and can burst into flames when charging. But who’s counting?!?! After all, its an Apple product! But […]

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Google VS. Apple: Round 4,568

Google and Apple are not friends, let’s be clear. Until recently, with Google’s entrance into the app market/smart phone world with Android, the two companies were not really in direct competition.  But as we all […]

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Freedom From Porn Punks the iPad

People from Freedom From Porn are upset they can’t get porn on their iPad.

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iPhone 4? I pass.

Earlier today at Apple’s Worldwide Web Developers Conference, Steve Jobs officially announced what we already knew existed, the iPhone 4. As these things go, nothing announced really surprised me about the new version of the […]

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Gay Comics on Your iPad? Not So Fast…

Yesterday on, comics writer Charles “Zan” Christensen (The Mark of Aeacus) explored the role of LGBT comics in the iPad digital revolution. Given Apple’s strict content guidelines and technical limitations of its iBooks store for […]

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Apple Burns Flash

Steve Jobs give an explanation of why flash sucks, and isn’t hurt at all by Adobe’s recent announcement to stop working to incorporate flash for the iPhone OS.

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VIDEO: A Comparison of the iPad and the original 1984 Mac Computer

Video blogger Matts Macintosh makes an interesting comparison between the brand spanking new iPad and Apple’s original dream, the 1984 Macintosh Computer which failed to catch on as a mainstream platform and seemed overly complex […]

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