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FOF #2026 – The Burn Book Goes Digital

It was bound to happen. Someone has made a an app just like the Mean Girls “Burn Book.” Secret, the hot new app that allows users to anonymously share secrets has nabbed 25 million dollars in venture capital.

Will Secrets ever become a Wikileaks app for Hollywood?

Today social media socialite Tommy Holl joins us to take a look at the hot new Secret App, and why people love to gossip.

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FOF #1953 – A Texas Gender Outlaw

As a way to get people talking, comedian Jeffrey Jay dares college audiences to ask him offensive questions about being trans. If someone hurts his feelings he says he’ll pay them $200. So far he’s not shelled out a dime.

Today the hilarious Jeffrey Jay joins us to talk about the insane questions his audiences have asked him over the years that made him almost, almost pay someone $200.

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FOF #1744 – Chubby Checker

He may have survived segregation, discrimination and even Hurricane Katrina, but musician Chubby Checker is having the fight of his life to reclaim his name.

Chubby Checker is twisting mad over the dubious app that allows you to estimate the size of a man’s penis from his shoe size.

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Wasup App Lists Gay Themed Events Near You

Discover gay themed events near you with this new iPhone app- Wsup Now | Gay Events – Wsup Co. Right now it’s free, so get it while you can. It’s mostly bar listings and only […]

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FOF #1344 – Dating in the Digital Apocalypse

Today our friend Michael Titus Parkes, app designer and performance artist, walks us down the memory lane of the Internet and gives us an in-depth look at how the rapidly changing digital world is effects us and our relationships.

Listen as we talk about how YouTube is the new performance art scene and the five type of photos you need to make a sexy connection online.

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