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FOF #2061 – 1000 Barbies

Ever since he was a little boy, John Zanardi loved Barbie dolls but was too ashamed to admit it. That is until the age of 18, when he moved out on his own and started collecting them. Today he’s amassed over a thousand dolls, estimated to be worth something between 30 and 40 thousand dollars.

Listen as we talk about some more unusual Barbie dolls, Stanley the Barbie Man, Barbie’s breakup with Ken, Ken’s cock ring and more amazing but true facts about this iconic American toy.

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Fuerza Bruta

This trailer for Fuerza Bruta doesn’t quite capture the excitement of seeing the live show which is like the love child of Burning Man and Blue Man Group. I felt like I was at an […]

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Argentine Gay Wedding Halted

A judge said the happy couple, Jose Maria Di Bello and Alejandro Freyre, must wait until the Supreme Court decides the matter over same-sex marriages.

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Chatting with Argentine Pop Star Emme About Her Career

After we taped our podcast interview, I just had to pull out the camera and shoot this short little video in the back of the car.

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