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FOF #1711 – Apocalypse Meow

Move over Y2K, there’s a new apocalypse in town and this one has a spicy Mexican flair. Ay, ay ay!

The hilarious grumpy cat of comedy Brian Tiberius Sweeney joins us to talk about strange and colorful 2012 conspiracy theories, why it’s either hogwash or why maybe they might be right.

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FOF #1385 – Trannypocalypse Now

Judgement day came and went without a hitch, and if you’re listening to this show and didn’t jump off a cliff, you might be wondering, what happened? Are we in hell, or was Belinda Carlisle right all along- oooh heaven is a place on earth.

Today we’re introducing two of our favorite tranny gal pals to each other for the first time- Victoria Lamarr and Tracy Tyler, who have up to now, occupied different spaces in our lives.

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VIDEO: The Rapture Came and Left This Poor Girl Behind

It wasn’t really the End of Days for this girl but it sure felt like it. –via

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