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PHOTO: Transgender Self Portait Alien Baby

I’m sure coming out for a trams person full time is a cause for celebration, but this self portrait just makes me think of Alien monsters popping out of people’s bodies. Did you know two […]

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Black Velvet Tribute to Steve Jobs

I painted this two years ago during the beginnings of my obsession with black velvet paintings, and with Steve Jobs’ passing I am unapologetically making an attempt to sell it. Help me continue to afford […]

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PHOTO: Giant Portrait of Steve Jobs Done with Post-It Notes

Touching, beautiful and digital. Although you’ve seen many of the make-shift Steve Jobs memorials found at Apple Retail stores around the world, one group has taken it to the next level at the Munich, Germany […]

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FOF #1459 – Capturing Gay America

About two and a half years ago, celebrity photographer Scott Pasfield lost work due to the poor economy so he went on an adventure to travel all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska to capture the stories and photos of everyday gay men in a book, “Gay in America.”

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Rainbows Over Culver City

Culver City, CA is getting a permanent rainbow sculpture that will be about nine stories high and span 188 feet over Sony’s studio lot. It’s being erected over the studio that produced the WIzard of […]

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga Portrait Painted with Penis

There’s technique and then there’s technique.

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Pin Hole Camera Egg

Artist Francesco Capponi has created a pinhole camera from an egg. The artist places the photo emulsion on the inside of the egg, takes a photo, and then let’s the image get exposed on the […]

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How To: Make a Rainbow Window Hang

ure it’s pretty tacky, but that’s the whole point!

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Gay Sailor Exhibit Opens

Ahoy there matey! An exhibit on gay sailors opens in Halifax, Nova Scotia after a run in the UK. Not surprisingly, they’ve found out that a lot of sailors were gay. —read more

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VIDEO: Origami Unfolds on Water

This video titled, “Flotilla,” shows micro-origamis that are about 2 or 3 centimeters long open up slowly as they pull up the water on which they are floating through what’s known as a capillary action.

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