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Rice Paddy Art

In America we prefer to make mazes out of fields of maize for art’s sake, in England there’s an abundance of crop circles that dot the landscape with art…but in Japan they like to make […]

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VIDEO: Making of the Eye Sculpture

The Chicago Tribune follows the creation of the highly anticipated public sculpture “Eye,” designed by Oak Park artist/sculptor Tony Tasset.

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Relax Fellow Geeks and Nerds. Roger Ebert Has Apologized.

I must admit, I am a bit of a “gaymer.” I own a Playstation 3, know who Adam Sessler is, and can explain why the Wii’s technology is actually only popular, not technologically advanced. Like […]

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Princess Diana Hair Jam

An artist has created “occult jam” from Princess Diana’s hair. I wonder how it tastes.

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Giant Eyeball Coming to Chicago this Summer

The Eye is a three-story sculpture by Tony Tasset, a Chicago-based artist and a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Pac Man Skull Unearthed in Arizona

First Google paid homage to Pac Man with their playable logo (which is apparently staying around for good – find it here) and now someone has found a complete Pac Man skeleton in the Arizona […]

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VIDEO: Amazing Japanese Pool Art

No, these people aren’t drowning. The amazing illusion is made by Argentinean artist Leando Erlich as part of an exhibition at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan. Visitors can enter a […]

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FOF #1179 – How to Succeed on Etsy without Really Trying

Arts and crafts, once the domain of housewives, gay men and tortured children, the art of making things is having a renaissance on the internet. Today we’re joined by Brian Kenny who makes glittery postcards with vintage images of hunks, pin-up gals, mugshots and circus freaks.

Listen as Kenny shares his stories on fighting with Christian nut-jobs on Etsy and the horrific craft atrocities on Regretsy.

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Weird Easter: A Photo Blog

Easter cards can be so very weird with their strange blends of springtime imagery that include animals, eggs, children and woman. To see more, visit ChicagoNow.

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Bananas Exploding on Face

#7 is the best.

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