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VIDEO: Magician Controls Fish

Check out this Asian magician as he controls fish to do swim at his command – in formation! How do you think it’s done? Magnets? Lasers? Mind Control? The fun starts at 1:30

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VIDEO: Endless Supply of Asian Divers

Watch an endless supply of Asian men dive into a pool. It’s almost like a M. C. Escher painting where you don’t know which end is up or who is who.

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Who Wants to Experience Menstruation?

Now thanks to inventor Hiromi Ozaki men can experience menstruation! Ozaki has created a machine that appears to be strapped around your waist and simulates cramping using electrodes and bleeding to mimic the ‘the pain […]

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Odd Asian Fetishim Video (Its the Music That Makes It Odd)

Just an Big Asian dude fetishized… but haven’t seen it to such sappy music.

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