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FOF #2429 – As the Bathhouse Turns

All types of men go to bathhouses for all types of reasons but mainly they go for sex.

Today, writer Terrill Aaron Closs puts everyone on blast as he takes us into the belly of the beast and shares with us his stories of working in a gay bathhouse in Atlanta.

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FOF #2388 – The Very Special World of DeAundra Peek

A contemporary of RuPaul and Lady Bunny in Atlanta, DeAundra Peek’s cable access show ran for years and although she was loved by many, DeAundra mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again, until now.

Today, we’re talking to the fabulous DeAundra Peek about her early days in drag and her friendships with all these glorious drag queens.

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FOF #2387 – DeAundra Peek Spills the Tea

After our podcast with DeAundra Peek, remained on the line to continue talking about how she got her start on the cable access program “The American Music Show,” which also featured a very young RuPaul.

Listen as we chat at about the incredible drag scene of Atlanta in the 80s that gave birth to such legends as RuPaul and Lady Bunny, and lots of juicy behind the scenes tea.

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FOF #2357A – Drug Problems

You’ve probably been out and about and started talking to a cute stranger when things began to get weird and you thought to yourself- what kind of drugs are they on?

Today, cosplay queen Fox E. Kim joins us to talk about myths and legends of our current drug culture and weird drugs from 60s everyone’s forgotten about.

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FOF #2357B – Drug Problems

In part two of our podcast – “Drug Problems” we continue chatting with Fox E. Kim about recreational drug use.

Listen as we tell some of our favorite stories about people on drugs and how we handled awkward drug induced moments.

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FOF #2152 – The Nicole Paige Brooks Phenomenon

Nicole Paige Brooks was a little freaked out when she first saw folks on the internet referring to her by her initials N.P.B followed by the letters F.A.G. until she discovered it was a reference to her appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race, where Ru called her “Nicole Paige Brooks, From Atlanta Georgia.”

Today we’re kiki-ing with the she-larious Nicole Paige Brooks, from Atlanta Georgia about her drag family, her son Lukas and why she’s such a big deal on the RuPauls’ Drag Race subreddit.

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Drag Queen Arrested for Human Trafficking

Atlanta drag queen Pasha Nicole has been arrested for human trafficking (sex slavery) along with her housemate stripper Christopher Thomas Lynch, who would lure young men over social networks to visit him and then locked them in closets and force them into prostitution.

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DragonCon Documentary

This is from an upcoming documentary, Four Days at Dragon Con showing in Atlanta on Public Television on August 28, 29  and 30th. DragonCon is such a fun and crazy event. I love going down […]

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