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GLAAD Withdraws Support of AT&T Merger and Endorses Net Neutrality

GLAAD’s Acting President Mike Thompson sent a letter this morning to the FCC which affirms GLAAD’s support for net neutrality and withdraws its support for the pending AT&T merger with T-Mobile, returning the organization to […]

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GLAAD President Resigns Under Pressure; Six Board Members Out

Who knew that our expose over dozens of advocacy groups’ endorsement of the AT&T / T-Mobile merger would lead to a huge shuffling of power at GLAAD? All I wanted to see was GLAAD apologize […]

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FOF #1395 – Don’t Believe The Fairy Tale

Tech experts insist the AT&T merger will threaten free speech and openness on the wireless web. So why are many civil rights groups, including the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation endorsing the merger? GLAAD’s support of the merger is being seen as a misguided attempt to curry favor with board members and one of their largest sponsors, AT&T. Joining us today are Jarret Barrios, President of GLAAD, Timothy Karr, Campaign Director for Save the Internet and Daniel Villareal of Queerty to discuss Net Neutrality and GLAAD’s endorsement.

GLAAD and the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Endorse AT&T Merger

GLAAD and the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce sent a letter of endorsement for the AT&T and T-Mobile merger to the FCC which has to approve the deal.

This should be a grave concern for anyone interested in net neutrality as any company with control of 80% of the American telecommunications market has too great of opportunity to abuse the consumer.

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Apple’s iPhone Gets Strong Competition From Motorola’s Droid X

Apple’s iPhone has changed everything, twice. It also has existing AT&T related reception problems, non-AT&T related reception problems, and can burst into flames when charging. But who’s counting?!?! After all, its an Apple product! But […]

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iPhone 4? I pass.

Earlier today at Apple’s Worldwide Web Developers Conference, Steve Jobs officially announced what we already knew existed, the iPhone 4. As these things go, nothing announced really surprised me about the new version of the […]

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