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Adshel Removes Gay-Friendly Ad, Then Reinstates It

So, Adshel is the company responsible for most ads one sees installed in bus shelters across Australia and New Zealand. One of their bus posters, a condom ad featuring two men embracing (a couple in […]

Drunken Rainbow Colored Birds Falling Down

Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood on Halloween?  Nope!  Try Lorikeets which are native birds to Australia eat a plant which contains alcohol which causes them to get drunk. They are beautiful, but they are loud! Here’s a […]

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VIDEO: Australia’s Got Sexiness!

Care to go down under? I DO 🙂

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VIDEO: Watch Him Take It All Off

Talke it off baby! Take it all off! Watch as Aaron, an Australian fitness trainer, shaves his hair off because he’s ending his career as a stripper.

Which do you like better though- before or after?

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VIDEO: ”Beating Off” A ”Long Stabby Thing”

On Australia’s version of the Today Show, the conversation revolved around the things around ones bed that he/she might use to fend off a burglar.  They discussed various “long stabby things” including one husband, and […]

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Australians Warned to Stay Away from Killer Birds

The cyclone that devastated parts of Australia ruined the habitat for cassowaries, huge flightless birds related to the emu that has claws that can rip a human apart. Since their habitat is destroyed they are […]

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VIDEO: It Gets Better- Supervillian Harley Quinn

Not only does supervillian Harley Quinn from the Batman comics tell you that it “It Gets Better,” she also gives you a mini-tour of Syndey’s gay district.

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Tattoo Dick Move

An Australian man has been charged with assault after reportedly tattooing a 40-centimetre (16-inch) penis on his friend’s back after an argument, police said Tuesday. Queensland police said a 21-year-old was facing two counts of […]

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“A Dingo Ate My Baby” Case Re-Opens in Australia

Thirty years after the disappearance of baby Azaria Chamberlain, whose parents always claimed she was taken by a dingo, Australia is preparing a new inquest to try to resolve the question.

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International Drag Day – 16th July 2010

Don’t forget that it’s International Drag Day in less than 10 days! Make sure you go out and celebrate in style, drag it up, go see a show, have fun! That’s what the day is […]

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