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This Is Oz, Australia’s NOH8-esque Campaign

As I sit and watch the twitter feed for the Prop 8 trial, it occured to me to look into what is going on globally in the LGBT community these days. We see activism all […]

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FOF #1206 – Down Under Brett Every

As a young man, Australian musician Brett Every had to beg his family to drop sports in favor of music. And lucky for us! Join us as Brett takes us to the land down under for a live music session with songs about Rue McClanahan, gay sailors and finding your Prince Charming.

Listen as we talk all things Australians- from pop culture items like Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Mad Max, Sydney Mardi Gras and Aussie Bum underwear to what tastes better, kangaroos or emus?

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Australian Weather Man Presents to Pelican

In the world of primates, presenting is defined as “The act of directing the hindquarters toward another individual, either in sexual solicitation or as a gesture of appeasement derived from sexual presenting.” –Via

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Adorable Flash Mob with Drag Queen and Children

This flash mob as an ad for the The Forum in Australia features a drag queen led by about 100 dancers doing an impromptu dance medley at the beach. One highlight of the video is […]

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Don’t Get Rickrolled By Your iPhone

A new iPhone virus has broken out in Australia, Rickrolling jailbroken iPhones. Be careful in case the virus cross the ocean and lands in your own backyard! The worm changes your lovely existing wallpaper to […]

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