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FOF #2368 – Cirque du Soleil Brings Avatar to Life

The sci-fi tribal fantasy world portrayed in James Cameron’s film Avatar gets a lot of its inspiration from National Geographic and theatrical shows like the Lion King on Broadway and Cirque du Soleil, so it’s only fitting that Cirque du Soleil would return the favor and base their new show, Toruk, on the film Avatar.

Today we take you behind the scenes of Toruk and give you all the juicy blue details on Cirque du Soleil’s sci-fi acrobatic fantasy.

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VIDEO: Avatar Shmavatar

Fran Drescher Auditions for Avatar from Electric Spoofaloo on Thanks Joanne!

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VIDEO: Why Avatar Didn’t Sweep the Oscars

Regardless of what you think of Avatar, you can’t deny that it’s one of the most financially successful films ever made. As of today Avatar has brought in $1.3 billion dollars in sales, beating out […]

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PHOTO: Ben Stiller as an Avatar Na’Vi at the Oscars Might Be the Best Moment Yet

So far this is the best moment from the 2010 Oscars, Ben Stiller dressed up as a Na’Vi from the film Avatar. Amazing making, making James Cameron nervous and the fishing pole connected to the […]

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Send Your Avatar to the Moon!

“NASA can put humanoids on the Moon in just 1000 days. They would be controlled by scientists on Earth using motion capture suits, giving them the feeling of being on the lunar surface. Back in […]

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L.A.R.P. Live Avatar Role Playing

Apparently the Na’Vi now live in Wisconsin, not on the planet of Pandora. Although I think this mockumentary seems a bit of a put on, part of me thinks they are really into it. Watch […]

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Curtis’ View From the Back Row: Oscar Noms

I know, I haven’t been posting the last few weeks.  I got lazy.  What can I say?  But this mornings Oscar nominations woke me up and have me back on target. For the first time […]

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FOF #1114 – Feliz Na’Vi-dad

A sci-fi film with sexy blue aliens who look like drag queens? Fabulous! Will Avatar be the Star Wars of our generation or simply just another movie that mirrors our misconceptions on the nature of Nature?

Blogger Michael Lehet joins us to wrap up the year, talk about those sexy blue aliens and review the new Addams Family musical and In the Heights. In the news: CNN’s gayest NYE, the wild child, the Puma index and the Tiger Woods mistress generator.

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Avatar Movie Shoot Confused for Gay Porn

While shooting a waterfall scene for Avatar, Sam Worthington, wearing a g-string, was approached by an onlooker who wondered if he was filming a gay porn.

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Fausto Fernós in Drag or Na’Vi Warrior Princess from Avatar?

My friend Larry La Fountain says that Latinos usually wind up playing the space alien in most sci-fi films. So why did I have a strange sense of Deja-vu when I saw the Na’Vi aliens […]

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