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FOF #2644 – The Greatest Car That Ever Lived

A lot of folks love their cars. And why wouldn’t they? Cars don’t just get us from here to there, they also let us steam up the windows when there’s no place else to get it on.

Today we pay tribute to our dearly departed Honda Accord, the miracle car that we had for 12 years, outlasting many gay bars, drag queen careers and LGBT media networks.

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FOF #1581 – Little Guy, Big Gym

Gyms can be a little intimidating to someone who’s never stepped inside one before. With all sorts of bodies and weights going a million different directions all at once, you may feel a bit like frogger trying to cross the road without getting run over or eaten by crocodiles.

The very funny Jeffrey Jay to talk about the awkwardness people face when joining a gym, ways to overcome obstacles, and how to get off the couch to be in the best shape of your life.

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VIDEO: Breast Feeding Doll Leaves a Bad Taste in My Mouth

This doll was created just to give the women on “The View” something to bitch about. WXYZ reports: “The Breast Milk Baby doll is teaching kids to imitate the act of breast feeding and causing […]

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VIDEO: Talk to the Hand and the Foot

These identical twins sure have a lot to talk about but why do they sound like the aliens in Mars Attacks? I like how sassy the one is, he’s like “talk to the hand and […]

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VIDEO: Baby Cusses

This baby understands how to live a good life by knowing when to say “fuck it.”

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VIDEO: Not Another Adorable Viral Baby Video

This baby needs a diaper change after Mom blows her nose.

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VIDEO: Last Night is Kind of a Blur

Drunk toddler trashes bar in Las Palmas. Lindsay Lohan was the cutest baby!

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VIDEO: This Kid May Grow Up to Be the Destroyer of Worlds

I sure hope this kid doesn’t grow up to be the Destroyer of Worlds because he sure like to see this paper get torn up. What’s in store for this kid?

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Welcome Baby Facebook

A man in Egypt named his baby daughter “Facebook” to honor the role that the social media network played in bringing about the January 25th revolution.

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VIDEO: Where Baby Bunnies Come From

Mama? Where do baby bunnies come from?

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