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If you are looking for a great way to maximize building MUSCLE MASS on your back you came to the right place!  This routine utilizes a 2-2-4 TEMPO and a progression overload to ensure that […]

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VIDEO: “Strap on”- Increase Grip Strength While Adding Thickness and SIZE!

This workout is going to hurt you in places you never thought possible! Your forearms will want to explode and your back and shoulders will rip and tear to the point of tears. In short, […]

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24 Sets to a BIGGER BACK!

A big broad back really helps define the rest of the body, especially when it tapers into your small waist line! This workout will help your broaden AND strengthen your back to help increase your […]

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VIDEO: Tuesday Tune-Up!! ”Big Broad Back! Build That V-Cut!”

This is a great routine to switch up your back workout.  It is essential to be able to do Pull-Ups when trying to build a sexy V-Cut back.  Remember, most gyms have a “Pull-Up assist” […]

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