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VIDEO: ”Fierceness” Interpretation Of ”Bad Romance” by Daniel Joseph Baker

Cute kid, indomitably prissy (the best kind of prissy!) gaybie, and an unforgettable talent.  Daniel Joseph Baker strutted onto the stage on America’s Got Talent and transformed “Bad Romance” into his own theme song.  Wonderful […]

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VIDEO: Royal Romance

The Other Guys from St. Andrew’s University to an a cappella version of “Bad Romance” for Kate Middleton.

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga’s ”Bad Romance” Played on the Iowa State University Carillon

Bad Romance on the Iowa State University carillon!!

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VIDEO: Two Rednecks, One Guitar, and Lady Gaga

It’s as if the movie Ghost was made with two rednecks, and instead of a pottery wheel, they had a guitar.

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More in Depth: Gagapalooza

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Tuesday a little less taxing. The collage of costume changes, ripping rhythms, and personal reflections are what the Monster Ball is all about. I’m […]

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Lady Gaga Rocks The Today Show In the Rain

While the Today Show may be just coming out of a scandal, that didn’t stop Lady Gaga from ROCKING the largest audience The Today Show has ever seen. In the rain no less! Watch all […]

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VIDEO: Newsboys Dance to Bad Romance

Seize the Day from Newsies set to Bad Romance

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Lady Gaga Will Make You Pay

Lady Gaga will make you pay if you stay in a bad hotel.

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VIDEO: All-Male College Student A Capella Version of Bad Romance

On the Rocks, the University of Oregon’s premiere all male a cappella ensemble put together a fabulous rendition of Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance.” Considering it was done outdoors in plaid capri pants and flip […]

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Lady Gaga: Plastic Surgery, Weight Loss, or New Makeup Artist?

Somewhere between the Paparazzi and Bad Romance videos, one of three things happened.  Lady Gaga has either gotten plastic surgery, lost weight, or drastically changed the way her makeup is done.

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