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101 Performances of Bad Romance Covers by Lady Gaga

A compilation of 101 people singing lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” My fave is at 3:30 or so!

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Canadian Idol Theo Tams Goes GaGa

2008 Canadian Idol Theo Tams does his own take on Lady GaGa’s ‘Bad Romance’ at a show in Toronto 03/24/10.

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VIDEO: Low Budget Lady Gaga

These inventive kids show us that anyone with a little spunk and moxie can recreate Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” with just some duct tape, laundry baskets and cheap wigs. There’s a lot of wonderful moments […]

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The Song: God Hates Lady Gaga [LISTEN]

The Westboro Baptist Church vs. Lady Gaga? Bring it on. In the next round of the culture wars, Megan Phelps, daughter of the infamous Shirley Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church is back with a […]

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Sherry Vine’s Hilarious Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” Parody Video

If you haven’t already seen this, check out New York drag queen Sherry Vine’s hilarious parody video of Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance.” It’s going to be huge. The video directed by Blake Martin has […]

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Lady Gaga’s 2009 AMA Performance ”Bad Romance” And ”Speechless”

Because everyone wants/needs a burning piano in a glass box.

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Lady Gaga’s Newest Video: Bad Romance

Oh how I love me some Gaga, too bad I couldn’t get tickets to her sold-out January ’10 shows when they sent on sale – and I’m sure that I can’t afford the VIP packages […]

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