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FOF #2737 – Azealia Banks Says F*ck Your Drag

This week hip hop star Azealia Bank got into it with drag queens when she called out a local queen, Bambi Banks-Coolee as stupid for dressing up as the X-Men’s Storm. Azealia went on to say that drag race is “raising a generation of materialistic money spenders.”

Today comedian Matt Brown joins us to unpack Azealia Bank’s scalding criticism of drag culture, RuPaul’s Drag Race and LGBTQI+ art. Does Azaelia have a point or is she just looking for a fight for just a little publici-SHE?

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“On a Clear Day You Can See Forever” Goes Gay

The New York Times covers the changes made to the new mounting of the Broadway musical “On a Clear Day You can See Forever” which includes a gay twist. In the original work, Daisy, a […]

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FOF #1435 – Where Have All The Flowers Gone

It seems like Madonna and Lady Gaga may have had a bit of a falling out since their chummy appearance on Saturday Night Live when they pretended to have a cat fight only to kiss and make up at the end of the skit.

Join us as we take a close look at Madonna’s latest hijinks, why she hates hydrangeas and why she may think Lady Gaga’s obsession with her is superficial.

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VIDEO: Barbara Streisand as a Dominatrix Takes on Harrison Ford

The audio and video quality are very poor but after Babs lashes Harrison Ford you can clearly hear her say “I feel like a faggot.”

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PHOTO: Barbara Streisand Working Out on Her Yacht

If you have to work it out, why not bust a move on a yacht in the Caribbean? Here’s a photo of Babs soaking up the view while sweating it out. If you think this […]

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FOF #1309 – What up with DADT?

Even thought the top brass in the military still have to approve the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the ban is as good as gone. Many politicians and celebrities are rushing out to claim credit for the repeal, but who can truly claim the fame? Dan Choi? HRC? Bloggers? President Obama? Lady Gaga? The Internet?

Plus, Barbara Streisand’s new book takes you on a never before seen tour of her lavish home, including the tiny cobblestone village built in her basement.

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FOF #1154 – Oscarcast 2010

It’s another year at the gay Superbowl- the Oscars! Listen as Curtis Jensen, the gay Roger Ebert joins us to look at this year’s winners, all the hot gay moments, and celebrity trainwrecks that made the Oscars a roller coaster of crazy.

Women dominated this year’s ceremonies as they swept the awards for best director, best picture, best actress and best supporting actress! Plus- Ben Stiller as a Na’vi, Farrah Fawcett snub, and Oprah goes gay for Gabourney.

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