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VIDEO: Baby Bear Cub in Grocery Store

A baby bear cub snuck into the produce section of an Alaskan grocery store and was interrupted by the local police. Sarah Palin must have scared it into a diet.

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How Do You Self Identify?

The chart asks, “which gay clicque are you?” but I think that’s an awfully negative question to ask. Why does it have to be about a clique, which are exclusive and not how you feel […]

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IMAGE: Mayor Daley as a Bear

He’d make someone a very nice husbear.

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PHOTOS: Mr. Moog’s Sexy Friend Joe

Amazing photo collection of British photographer Mr. Moog’s sexy bear-ish friend Joe.

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Female Bears in German Zoo go Bald!

When animals lose their fur, things can get pretty freaky! Officials at a zoo in Leipzig, Germany are trying to figure out why all their female bears are losing most of their hair. Maybe it’s […]

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FOF #894 – Santa Bear

Santa Claus is the ultimate bear as a jolly plump fella, full of hair, flavor and gifts who is here to bring a sense of fertility and prosperity to the holiday season. On today’s show […]

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FOF #850 – Bears, Broadway and Beyond

For people who want to experience the thrill of a Broadway show, they no-longer have to travel to Manhattan, many of the big hits on Broadway are now making their first run in theaters all […]

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FOF #781 – Big Bear Double Date

Ah happy memories. It was such a blast to ride up to Milwaukee with Tracy Tyler to perform at the Pridefest Milwaukee celebration, an event that started out with a torrential downpour and ended with […]

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FOF #731 – Bear it Up

Bobaloo aye! Bobaloo is NOT a Cuban spirit of illness and disease made famous in the song by Desi Arnaz, but rather a comedian and he’s on today’s show. Bobaloo joins us to share his […]

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