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FOF #2960 – Henry Cavill and the Superman Curse

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a curse? Doing something great often comes with a heavy burden, because when you’re seen as divine, people expect miracles all the time. Just like the actors who have played Jesus on TV or film, the people who brought Superman to life have often been plagued with terrible misfortune.

Today we’re taking a look at the Superman and the Jesus curse: the misfortune that follows actors who bring these “perfect” god-like figures to life for entertainment.

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FOF #2314 – Who is Hotter: Ben Affleck or Henry Cavil?

Despite bringing in over $400 million dollars on its opening weekend, critics are panning the new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, calling it a “knight-mare.” Even the hilarious “Sad Ben Affleck” is turning into an Internet meme.

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to look at all the spectacular ways Batman v Superman failed, but more importantly: who would you rather sleep with: Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill?

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FOF #2084 – Boy You Look Good in Those Heels

We’ve tried to make a lot of crazy things go viral over the years: anti-war cake sitting, nude weddings, nude haircuts, glitter day, and all failed miserably. Even though you, our lovely and loyal audience gave it a go, the rest of the world is still trying to catch up with how fabulous we all truly are.

Today we’re taking a look at something that isn’t viral but should be: men in heels.

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FOF #2073 – I Married a Monster

There’s so much you can learn from horror and sci-fi movie monster couples, like Frankenstein and his Bride, Brad and Janet from Rocky Horror and Chucky and his wife Tiffany: these unconventional couples either made their relationship work or gloriously ended the whole affair.

Today Peaches Christ joins us to take a look at what we can learn from our favorite monster couples relationships and how to put it to use in your own life.

Listen as Peaches talks about being charged with lewdness and blasphemy after appearing on BBC radio.

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VIDEO: Matt Damon Says He’s Never Seen Ben Affleck’s Penis

Matt Damon says he’s never seen Ben Affleck’s penis but he may have done something else to it. Find out what.

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