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FOF #2323 – The Unsinkable Joan Waters

We’re mad about Joan Waters, a carefree drag queen who happily embraces her goofy side to the delight of audiences.

Today Joan Waters joins us to talk about beating off 20 drag queens to snatch the crown in Trannika Rex’s drag contest, Crash Landing, which was a surprise win for this perennial drag underdog. Plus– Happy Birthday Fausto Fernós!

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FOF #2319 – The Faux Queen is for Real

While cisgender women can certainly tear it up onstage, the don’t always get embraced by LGBT folks who may see them like a white rapper trying to gain acceptance from black folks.

Our guest today is one of Chicago’s rising stars in the drag queen scene, Chelsea Devantez who as Dicksie Pictoria won highly competitive Crash Landing contest, but unlike many of the trans and gay male contestants, Chelsea is a cisgender woman.

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FOF #2288 – Randy Harrison Wants You to Come to the Cabaret

Our modern gay identity can trace many of its roots to the city of Berlin, Germany where the concepts of gay rights, queer culture and solidarity arose during the VIE MAR Weimar Republic until tragically crushed by the rise of the Nazis.

Today, actor Randy Harrison, best known for playing the sexy young twink, Justin Taylor on the Showtime drama Queer as Folk, joins us to talk about starring as the emcee in the new touring production of the musical Cabaret, which takes place during this critical time in Germany’s history.

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FOF #2016 – Jurassic Snark

A whole new generation of fierce drag queens is spawning here in Chicago. Thanks to the success of RuPaul’s Drag Race, people have developed a huge appetite for drag, and the people are hungry for more.

Joining us today is the she-larious Trannika Rex, a drag queen whose name is 65 million years in the making. T-Rex is the drag ringleader at Berlin nightclub where she encourages queens to develop exciting new material, and not lip sync to top 40 hits.

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VIDEO: The Berlin Hipster – a Parody

The video is in German, please switch on the subtitles. When you travel to Berlin you will quickly notice that the city is full of hipsters. All of them try so hard to be unique […]

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VIDEO: Dr. Who Goes Gay in the Movie ”Christopher and His Kind”

The movie “Christopher and his Kind” is inspired by Christopher Isherwood’s 1976 autobiography of the same name. The movie focuses on the Isherwood’s (played by Matt Smith – Dr. Who) first travels to Berlin in […]

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Israelis’ New Love for Berlin and Its LGBT Scene

According to Russ, a 33-year-old Israeli who moved to Berlin from Tel Aviv five years ago, Berlin is exactly what artists and gays are looking for. In cities such as London and Paris, the scene is already well-established, and all the positions are taken. In Berlin though, one can still make a difference.

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Videos: Artists in Berlin

The videos are from Urban Observations. Urban Observations is an online series that follows six artists through New York City and Berlin. For example Gina Tonic, one of Berlin popular drag queens. “If the city […]

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Pickle Suprise

Thousands of jars containing fish, mammals, worms, crabs, spiders and reptiles preserved in alcohol have gone on show in Berlin in a spectacular new exhibition at the city’s Natural History Museum. Berlin now boasts what […]

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VIDEO: Little Big Berlin

A wonderful video of Germany’s capital Berlin.Hope you enjoy it. 🙂 The Producer of  the video wrote: “I dedicate this film to Berlin where I have been living for 19 years now. While the architecture […]

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