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FOF #1372 – The Kooky World of Lauren Maul

Comedian Lauren Maul, our favorite gal behind the felt puppet shows in Chicago’s hit comedy group, The Best Church of God, joins us to take a look at some of the reactions to Osama Bin Laden’s death.

Which celebrity seemed to know about the take down before the President? The biggest mindfucks, Fox news’ big fail and what exactly did they do with Bin Laden’s body, since no one wanted it?

FOF #1183 – One Night in Heaven

Tired of just having a one night stand with Jesus and he doesn’t call you back? Well, maybe it’s because you’re not listening. There’s no escaping God’s massive love, so get ready for the Best Church of God, the only church God goes to, ever.

Today, the hilarious sister Lindsay Goldapp and brother Scott Levy help us to find the true meaning of the Bible and boost our self-esteem with the knowledge that, thankfully, not everybody will go to heaven.

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FOF #1123 – Gay for God

Jesus is so gay for you, but are you gay for him? Join us for a “men’s retreat” with the Best Church of God’s Brother Mike Descoteaux and “ex- gay” Brother Andrew Ritter. Listen in as they play more hilarious music and talk about the value of prayer.

In the news: Obama finally moves forward to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Italian prison for trannies, Sex Robots from New Jersey, Sarah Palin at Fox News and our condolences for the people of Haiti.

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FOF #1122 – The Best Church of God Will Make You a Believer

Hallelujah! Get ready for a hilarious musical treat with Sister Erica Elam and Brother Mike Descoteaux, from the Best Church of God, the only Church with a 110% approval rating from Jesus.

Listen as we conjure up the holy spirit and learn musical comedy techniques from masters at the legendary Second City with an improvised song about adult film star Pavel Novotny.

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FOF #1092 – Bertha Mason Loves Pie

At 6′5, 250 pounds, drag queen Bertha Mason towers over her audience in a live comedy cooking show where they help to bake, and then later eat, the tasty treats made on stage. Everybody gets a slice of Bertha’s delicious pie. In the news: Genetically engineered rabbit parts, soon to be extinct cuddly Koala Bears, Bhopal, India’s new tourist attraction, and video bloggers are taken to task for not talking about marriage equality.

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FOF #1063 – The Best Church of God Will Save Your Soul

Aemilia Scott and Mike Descoteaux from the Best Church of God play music from their show and reflect on the bizarre world of religion. Beyonce is set to perform in the Muslim city of Kuala Lumpur, will she be doing “Single Ladies” in a burqua?