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VIDEO: I’m Wishing You a “Betty White” Christmas

A fun paradoy with a great drag queen group… I like the skinny geekie one the best.

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FOF #1250 – Betty White for Mayor of Chicago

Chicago’s Mayor Richard M. Daley pulled a Steven Slater by shocking everyone when he announced that he won’t run for office again. So, who will be the next mayor? Can’t people just check in on Foursquare to become Mayor of Chicago?

Chances are, if you leave it to Facebook, Betty White will become the next queen of the Windy City.

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VIDEO: Betty White’s New Sitcom “Hot in Cleveland”

As if starring on SNL wasn’t enough, the unstoppable Betty White is back on a whole new sitcom series “Hot in Cleveland” that looks very promising, since it also stars some of television’s funniest sitcome […]

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VIDEO: Adult Film Parody of the Golden Girls

It was bound to happen- and adult film version of the Golden Girls. Thankfully, the ladies are a bit younger than than the classic cast and the guys are cute too! There is no real plot and I don’t know if they will have margaritas out on the linai. (NSFW)

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Get Your Favorite Diva to Host SNL

Because it was such a huge success and gave us such great television, this week dozens of Facebook groups have popped up asking the producers of Saturday Night Live to pick their favorite diva to […]

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FOF #1188 – Raw and Wild

Fresh off his solo show on a doomed chocolate whale, Marsian De Lellis is high on a rampage, after consuming platefuls of raw, vegan food on mother’s day. So try to keep up!

Listen as we chat with Marsian about the wonders of a raw food, Biblical diets, the changing nature of being gay, drag queen Nina Flowers and Iron Man 2 the movie, featuring plastic man Mikey Rourke.

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VIDEO: Betty White on Saturday Night Live, Watch Them All

Facebook asked for it, and Betty White did it! Watch all the videos from her now legendary appearance on Saturday Night Live.

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VIDEO: St. Olaf Glee Club: ”Betty White Lines”

The St. Olaf Glee Club presents “Betty White Lines,” a tribute to our favorite Golden Girl! Starring Frank DeCaro, Fredrick Ford and Jim Colucci. Featuring Frank Carabineris as Dr. Betty and Herman as Himself. Directed […]

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Golden Girls: the Reality Series?

You read that correctly.  If you haven’t heard yet, a show called Sunset Daze premiered last night on WE.  Basically, it takes the premise of the classic sitcom Golden Girls to a new level and documents the lives of a […]

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VIDEO: Betty White Lines


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