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FOF #2105 – I Voted for Perez

Although he has five million followers on Twitter, Perez Hilton doesn’t get much love from the internet for his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

The producers of the reality TV show seem to think Perez makes for good TV so they are doing everything they can to keep the pest around

Today we’re chatting with one of our listeners from Ireland, Darragh Hughes, despite his love for Feast of Fun, RuPaul’s Drag Race and Michelle Visage, he actually voted to keep Perez on Celebrity Big Brother.

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FOF #2078 – Divas Defining Moments

Gay men love their divas. Whenever Cher, Madonna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga do a concert, gay neighborhoods are ghost towns as we flock to stadiums.

Today New York’s Bob the Drag Queen joins us to take a look at our favorite divas and the defining moments that propelled their careers into the realm of legend.

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FOF #1989 – Madison Hinton is Always On

Is this on? Is it ON!? You better believe Madison Hinton is on!

Joining us today is the SHE-larious Madison Hinton from Atlanta, Georgia, best known for her Vine videos as the “big dicked bitch.” The popularity of these videos have catapulted her into internet stardom.

Listen as Madison Hinton chats with us about the roller coaster ride her life has been lately now that she’s transitioning from an adult entertainer, to an entertainer for adults.

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FOF #1974 – Young Couple

One of the most amazing plays we’ve seen in a while is Brandon Ogborn’s The TomKat Project, featuring Brianna Baker. It’s a snarky uncovering of the layers of truth behind the gruesome media spectacle of the Tom Cruise to Katie Holmes Scientology arranged marriage.

They are back at it with Young Couple, a new comedy web series about the awkward lives of a young couple in a complicated second marriage. Today Brandon Ogborn, Brianna Baker and their director Mike Malarkey join us to talk about turning their past relationships into a web series.

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FOF #1825 – Hanging Loose with Richard Pryor Jr.

We had such a good time chatting with Richard Pryor Jr., the son of the late great comedian Richard Pryor, that we had to have him back again. We barely scratched the surface the first time.

Today Richard Pryor Jr. joins us to talk about his life in the military, sex on a naval ship and growing up gay as the son of one of the world’s most important and notorious entertainers.

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FOF #1781 – Rejuvenation Tricks for the Lazy

The old gray mare aint what she used to be, but it doesn’t mean she still can’t look fabulous. Age is just a little number you sometimes have to lie about.

Today we’re sharing some of our favorite rejuvenation tips and tricks, easy things you can do right now to undo all the damage from whooping it up all these years.

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FOF #1773 – Pitbulls in Pantyhose

Size queens rejoice! A new study says that when it comes to the size of a man’s penis, size not only matters, but it’s actually what ultimately drove evolution to give humans the largest wangs in the jungle.

Today we’re taking a look at penis size and the intriguing study that says that even though bigger is better, there are diminishing returns when it comes to the size of your love rocket. Plus- pitbulls in pantyhose.

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PHOTO: Superbowl She-Hulk Beyoncé Next to Dr. Frankenfurter

Whatever happened to Fay-Wray? Here’s a science fiction double feature with Beyoncé’s very muscular pose from her Superbowl Halftime Show next to Tim Curry’s iconic Dr. Frankenfurter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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FOF #1737 – When High Heel Shoes Were Butch

One of the most iconic type of shoes are high heels, virtually synonymous with femininity, fashion and fierce drag queens. And like most girly things in fashion, at one point in time they was made for men.

Today we’re strutting down the runway of history, as we look at the butch origins of the high heel shoe.

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FOF #1734 – Beyoncé Burns in Hell

Finally! Football fans everywhere celebrated as Beyoncé served up a fiery halftime show complete with a Destiny’s Child reunion. They blew the power out and the game was halted for 34 minutes, plunging parts of the Superdome into darkness.

Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the strange history of the half time show, Beyonce in flames, and the sinister band that’s performed the most at the Super Bowl- Up with People.

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