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FOF #2495 – This Time You’ve Gone Too Far

Comedians go too far all the time- that’s the whole point, to find the lines you shouldn’t cross and then plow right through them. Sometimes they succeed and expand our mind and sometimes they fail and expose their own flaws.

Today writer Derrick Clifton joins us to take a look at Kathy Griffin, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher: the outrage over comedians who say outrageous things.

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VIDEO: Bill Maher: ”America Likes the Gay Thing Shoved Down It’s Throat.”

Bill Maher can be a bit much some times, but he was on fire on his last show.  “Now that a Cheney [Dick], a McCain [Megan], and a Bush [George’s daughter, Barbara] have come out […]

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Bill Maher Called It, Former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman is Gay

Watch out conservatives! “The gays” are lurking in your midst! Nearly four years after Bill Maher went on Larry King Live and broke the news, Ken Mehlman, former RNC  chair and former Bush Campaign Chief, […]

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