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Muscle Nerds – Kevin Giezy, the Singing Bodybuilder

At the gym, we all come together to build muscle, get in touch with our bodies and be our best selves. Gay or straight, bi or bi-curious, for those who are into bodybuilding, it’s a thrill to see a jacked-up beast flex their muscles, even if it’s our own selves in the mirror.

Today actor, singer, model, cosplayer, dork, bi bodybuilder Kevin Giezy, best known on social media as That Naked Nerd joins us to talk about how he leveraged his love for musical theater into a passion for bodybuilding and cosplay.

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FOF #1430 – Bisexuals Rock the World

A new study in the journal of Biological Psychology finally gives proof of the existence of the often misunderstood sexuality of forest preserve aficionados, horny hipsters and Etsy enthusiasts.

The news is rocking some people’s world more than the East coast quakes, saying bisexual men are real! Now that there’s proof, what will people complain about in online sex forums?

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VIDEO: Jill Sobule Helps Zack Rosen Kiss a Boy and Sing About It

ill Sobule has been kissing girls since before Katy Perry was even allowed to use cherry Chapstick.

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Hot Queer Song Alert – Nicole Reynolds, “Like the Ocean.”

Far from a dirty word, “lesbian folk music” is a term that has the power to pique my interest and make me run to check out the woman holding the title. While the stalwarts like Amy Ray and Jill Sobule are still around doing great work, a new generation has emerged to carry the torch. To the likes of Chris Pureka and An Horse comes Nicole Reynolds.

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CNN Article: The last person out of the closet? The bisexual male

CNN article about the bisexual male.

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All Bi Swingers Club

There are lots of swingers clubs around the world but typically man on man action is not allowed, so an “all bi” club where both partners must be bi is rather unique. In this article, freelance writer Rachel Rabbit White details her experience at an all bi swingers club in the South Suburbs of Chicago for Gapers Block.

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Fergie Says She’s Bi, Fools Around and Hunk Hubbie Josh Duhamel is Huge Like This Headline

Don’t be jealous! The headline pretty much says it all. I can see why Fergie’s record label keeps her under tight super vision. Because if we knew how fabulous her life was, we’d kill ourselves. […]

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Shows “Go Gay” for Ratings

TV shows are known for ratings stunts during sweeps. Characters get married, have babies, die or visit alternate universes in order to stop an army of organic/mechanical hybrids that eat thermometers to stay alive–which seems […]

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FOF #777 – Dinner, Then the Sex

The story of Lena’s life reads like pages of a pulp fiction novel with drama, intrigue, a music career and time spent in prison for being wrongly accused as a Russian spy by her husband […]

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