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VIDEO: Showgirls/Black Swan Mash-Up

Like Fausto and Marc, I too LOVE the movie “Showgirls.” A friend shared this with me on my Facebook wall and I somehow feel even more gay after watching this amazing mash-up. I never realized […]

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Are You There God? It’s Me, Gaga.

Lady Gaga is a Bipolar Delight in this homage to Madonna’s “Truth or Dare.” See Lady Gaga swing from despair to mania, in flattering B&W, without messing up her mascara. Listen as she dabbles in […]

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VIDEO: ”Did You Suck His Cock?” for 10 Minutes

Inspired by “Wagon Wheel Watusi for 10 Minutes” I asked a classically trained film auteur, Brent Mata, to give me the “Black Swan” treatment. It’s just so dark! Ryder deserved an Oscar for asking the […]

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VIDEO: Watch Black Swan’s Controversial Facial Replacement

The “Black Swan” controversy has morphed into a major Oscar scandal. “Did Natalie Portman lie to win an Oscar?” is the question on everyone’s mind, thanks to a big mouthed ballerina who wants the world […]

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VIDEO: Sassy Gay Friend – Black Swan

Nina could have been perfect…if she had a “Sassy Gay Friend.”

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VIDEO: I Blame ”Black Swan” for This!

In the words of Joel Bryant, “If I masterbate more, I’ll be a better dancer.”

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Barbados Bans Black Swan

The same country which banned Brokeback Mountain back in 2005 is at it again. I am scratching my head on this one. Barbados Free Press Report: “Sure, we have to have standards over what is […]

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VIDEO: Mrs. Swan is Black Swan

Mr. Swan is back from obscurity to give the performance of a lifetime- Black Swan. OK, not really but it’s good to see her back, although I’m sure she’ll get roasted for using “tranny” as […]

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VIDEO: Jim Carrey is Black Swan on SNL

Jim Carrey delivers the funny in this parody of Black Swan performed on SNL.

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FOF #1303 – Black Swan Diva

Gay men love movies with flawless costumes, intense dancing and crazy women who tear each other apart to get ahead in show business.

Soon to join your collection of campy movies is Black Swan- a psychological thriller set in the competitive world of professional ballet. Join us as we talk about the film and don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you.

(Thank to Rei Sato for the amazing anime drawing!)

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