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FOF #1149 – The Power of the Group Blog

Group blogs can be a vital tool for making political activism more effective, so how do you use them to get your message out?

Today we continue our series of interviews with top GLBT bloggers with the Bilerico Project’s Editor in Chief, Bil Browning. Bill works with hundreds of writers to bring about change by pressuring companies and politicians to stop their hateful practices.

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The Power of Inclusion to Create Change

Harness the true power of social media: inclusiveness.

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FOF #1145 – Life After VD

Marriage Equality events were held all over the world this past Valentines Day, including a demonstration in front of Chicago’s Cathedral and a Kiss-In in Paris that turned out violent.

Michael Lehet joins us to talk about about Fox News showing straight folks where to find the sex clubs. Plus, the Blog Swarm, exploding banks, fashion fails and the Trans Siberian Railway now on Google street view.

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