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FOF #1291 – The New Adventures of Chris Tina Foxx Bruce

Transgendered people and bodybuilders share a lot in common- they both work very hard for the body they want to have. In many ways, enhancing gender characteristics on either side of the male or female spectrum is a difficult transition.

Chris Tina Foxx Bruce has transitioned twice- from fit to fabulous! First, she became a 230 lb male bodybuilder and now she’s a 180 lb female fitness guru, 6’4″ in heels!

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VIDEO: Teen, Low Budget Hulk

Is this a fetish video? It has all the attributes: muscle, crushing and superhero worship, done by some young guys living in the middle of somewhere. I’m sure it had sexy results later on. There’s […]

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FOF #912 – Hot Gay Comic

Just because you’re attractive doesn’t mean you can’t be funny. Writer and comedian Keith Ecker just broke up with his boyfriend six months ago and has worked hard to get in shape and pursue his […]

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FOF #901 – Holiday Fitness Tips and Tricks

We love Ben Lerman so much we had to have him back! He sobered up a bit since yesterday’s show and he’s ready to engage us about some fascinating news and social trends. Who names […]

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