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IMAGE: A Prescription for Liquor

That’s okay, hic, officer, I have, hic, a prescription from my doctor. Like Medical Marijuana, back when alcohol was prohibited in the U.S. doctors would issue prescriptions for whiskey and other spirits. The Walgreens drug […]

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The Perfect, Boozy Nativity Scene Offends Christians

Here’s a religious celebration we can all come together on: beer. This Christmas, why not replace every single decoration in your home with sweet delicious beer? Naturally, many uptight Christians are upset by the image […]

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FOF #807 – Let’s Take a Glass Together

“Walter, fix me a drink!” In the 1960s, 70s and early 80s we always saw characters on TV drinking all the time, either at home, after work, during lunch, or pretty much all the time. […]

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