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FOF #1837 – Peaches Christ is the New Black

The genre of Women in Prison films began as a way for filmmakers to subvert censors in order to feature women in highly erotic sadistic and bondage situations.

Today Peaches Christ takes us behind bars into her favorite Women in Prison films, and shares with us all the juicy gossip about the actors who make up Orange is the New Black.

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FOF #1834 – The Russian Vodka War

In response to the Russian government’s horrific crackdown on it’s LGBT people, activists are asking bars across the world to boycott Russian made vodka.

Joining us is blogger Nico Lang who has plenty to say about the impending Russian Vodka War, the whole vodka marketing racket and all the sizzling hot news–

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FOF #1601- Partying with Celebrities

The hilarious Brian Sweeney joins us as we take you backstage of our excellent visit with the amazing drag queen Sharon Needles. Plus, the feud between Madonna and Lady Gaga escalates and a pair of turtles divorce after 115 years of living together.

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FOF #1004 – Pretty For Me

Gay fashion writer and Pretty Boy Magazine editor Terrence Chappell talks about diversity and summer fashion.

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