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Christ-Like Calendar Boys

A young men’s, christian association in Mallorca, Spain ( Davallament Youth Association) has put out a 2011 calendar in which they pose in Easter and Passion- like poses in the NUDE and nearly nude. (no full-frontal […]

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NY Times Article: Girls Raised as Boys in Afghanistan

A New York Times article about girls who are raised as boys in Afghanistan.

VIDEO: Fan Videos Better Than the Original

I wonder when some singer will realize that fan videos on youtube are better that what they come out with themselves sometimes: that kid who remade Shakira’s Animal, the California Boys who remake Katy Perry’s […]

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VIDEO: Washington Boys vs California Gurls

Katie Perry’s latest isn’t as queer as the “I Kissed a Girl” lesbo action of her hit that made her famous, so a bevy of hot Washington State twinks made their own video. Sexy time!

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VIDEO: Frontline- The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

As the United States deepens its commitment to Afghanistan, FRONTLINE takes viewers inside the war-torn nation to reveal a disturbing practice that is once again flourishing in the country: the organized sexual abuse of adolescent […]

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Turkey Lurkey Time – Backwards Broadway

It’s Turkey Lurkey Time!  It’s Thanksgiving week in the US of A and everyone’s getting excited because it’s the start of the Holiday Season.  So in the spirit of the holidays, I’m sharing this incredible […]

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