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FOF #1560 – Awaken the Giant in Your Pants

Comedian Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the seven effective ideas of self help gurus and what you can learn from their hogwash books to live the best life you can. No shit.

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FOF #1554 – Sex Advice for Straight Guys from Gay Men

Gay men have a hard time finding sex in a world that’s not always filled with rainbows, so a lot of us have come up with some pretty creative ways to find the sex we want.

Listen as we chat with Brian Sweeney about how to find the women, how to bed the women and how to make love to the women.

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FOF #1553 – Party Like It’s 1999

One forgotten gem of science fiction TV shows is Space: 1999. Marc loves it, but comedian Brian Sweeney hates it. Listen as we have an intervention for Marc about his addiction to this cheesy TV show, who now is getting a reboot.

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FOF #1542 – Come As You Are: The Legacy of Kurt Cobain

In the late 80s, Nirvana changed the face of pop music by creating an mass appetite for alternative music. Today we celebrate the 45 birthday of the late musician Kurt Cobain by talking about his life and legacy.

Joining us is comedian Brian Sweeney, who has had a life long crush on Cobain and still thinks of him as one of the greatest artists of our generation.

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FOF #1535 – A No-Homo Bromance

He may look like a scary Satanist on the outside, but comedian Brian Sweeney is nothing but sunshine and rainbows on the inside. Brian is a guy who loves snarky jokes, indie culture and sci-fi TV shows.

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FOF #1528 – Dancing with the Devil – Part 2

Musicians have always been accused of being in league with the devil, and in many instances they actually declare themselves Satanists in order to appear rebellious.

Comedian Brian Sweeney joins us again to examine the ridiculousness of why some religions have the concept of the devil who makes people do bad things, or for some crazy reason, make music that sells really well.

Part 2 of 2.

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FOF #1527 – Dancing with the Devil – Part 1

Nicky Minaj’s outrageous performance at the Grammys has left many wondering if she was trying to “out freak” Lady Gaga while evangelicals are accusing her of being in league with the Devil.

Comedian Brian Sweeney, who works at the lay away counter at a retail store on Chicago’s south side, joins us to look at music’s weird relationship with Christianity’s ultimate bad guy- Satan.

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FOF #1507 – Internet Blackout

Today much of the Internet is covered in darkness to protest SOPA and PIPA, two obnoxious pieces of legislation pushed by corporate Hollywood to shut down the Internet in the name of fighting piracy.

But this podcast is available since, you paid for it!

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FOF #1491 – An Unexpected Bromance

The guys from Rye Bread Radio are back to talk about bromance- that tabloid word for relationships between guys who seem so close to each other that it may lead them to ask themselves, am I gay for my best friend?

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FOF #1490 – Have a Kwanzaatastic Glitter Day

Long after Kwanzaa candles have been blown, the Hanukkah draddle has been spun and Old Saint Nick is back polishing his candy cane at the North Pole, Glitter Day, the LGBT centric holiday, will be there to celebrate the glittery stuff in everyone.

Today the guys from Rye Bread Radio join us to talk about how holidays, religions and cultures build upon each other.

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