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FOF #1572 – When Your HIV Status Becomes Your Facebook Status

Brian Heckler joins us to tell his story about recently becoming HIV positive, the love and support he got from his friends and community and the struggles he faces with his family.

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FOF #1520 – Extreme Sexual Fetishes

What one person finds sexually stimulating, others might find horrifying, ridiculous or insane. Today we’re talking about extreme sexual fetishes, and every day acts that make some people’s hair stand on end.

Joining us is our sexy friend Brian Heckler, a kinky man about town.

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FOF #1463 – Blond Ambition

Today we’re talking to one of the hottest guys in Chicago, fitness instructor and entertainer bon vivant –Brian Heckler. If you live in Chicago, you’ve probably seen Brian dressed up like a sexy demented clown in street fairs or participated in his popular spin classes where he goes in and out of character and practices his stand up act while his class gets in shape.

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FOF #1426 – Boost Your Fabulous Energy Levels

Today- group fitness instructor Brian Heckler joins us to talk about how to get more energy into your life and examine some ways you might be thwarting your vitality.

Also, we talk to Matt Siegel, Adam Carolla’s gay former personal assistant about the recent scandal over Carolla’s anti-LGBT rant.

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