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FOF #2040 – Brianna Baker Goes to Prison, Hollywood

Like a lot of performers in Chicago, Brianna Baker is making Feast of Fun her last stop before heading to Hollywood to further her career.

Before her big move, Brianna, who never really met her father in person, recently visited him in prison in Florida and discovered they have a lot in common.

Today, Brianna Baker talks about moving from Chicago to LA while connecting with her father as he prepares to get out of prison.

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FOF #1974 – Young Couple

One of the most amazing plays we’ve seen in a while is Brandon Ogborn’s The TomKat Project, featuring Brianna Baker. It’s a snarky uncovering of the layers of truth behind the gruesome media spectacle of the Tom Cruise to Katie Holmes Scientology arranged marriage.

They are back at it with Young Couple, a new comedy web series about the awkward lives of a young couple in a complicated second marriage. Today Brandon Ogborn, Brianna Baker and their director Mike Malarkey join us to talk about turning their past relationships into a web series.

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FOF #1842 – The True Tale of Tom and Katie

One of the top stories of 2005 was Tom Cruise’s bizarre appearance on the Oprah where he infamously “jumped the couch.”

Today we are featuring The TomKat Project, a two-act play that transcends the tabloids to discover the layers of truth behind the marriage of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and The Church of Scientology. Listen as we talk with the writer of the play and some of the actors about why celebrities are attracted to Scientology, Tom Cruise’s gay rumors, and even why when stars have nothing to lose, they still choose to be in the closet.

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FOF #1807 – Tomboy Ahoy!

As a little tomboy, comedian Brianna Baker felt pressure to use the boy’s bathroom in order to avoid people’s outrage. Her over the top grandmother Phyllis even offered her $200 to dress up like a lady. Ironically, this little girl that passed for boy grew up to be a tall gorgeous woman.

Today we’re chatting with Brianna Baker, one of Chicago’s rising comics. Her one woman show “Bede” that recounts her life as a biracial tombow growing up in a small town has gotten a lot of critical acclaim.

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